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Coaching with Helene Daim


Learn to hold yourself with ease and confidence. 
You are a resource which will be hold peak high and your intention clear.

You learn to accept that you already have what it takes, and to unleash your strengths and personal powers to help yourself achieving your dreams. Physically feel changes in your body after undertaking several personal development techniques and processes. You become a master in finding peace and solutions to complex situations. And you will have developed great understanding of ways to manage your thinking. You will have skills to develop true appreciation and use of curiosity (Illustrated as The White Rabbit) an attribute that will help you out of stuck situations and into moving in desired direction, living on purpose. 


Coaching at Helene Daim is for you who are:

Open to be challenged to better take advantage of your full capacity and recourses. Dreaming of using yourself creatively and in big expression. Lost in “doing, doing, doing" in order to achieve your dreams. Willing to have an open mind in order to work on yourself. Secretively believer of magic and always had a wish of being charmed by a fairy to make your dreams come alive!

Coaching program


This program is for you who have taken a stand for yourself and you feel it in your gut that this is the perfect time to invest your energy to get your life moving forward doing what matters to you. I only have a handful of spaces available for this unique offer.

What makes this offer so unique is that you will have personal sessions with me and my full attention to bulletproof your development. I will guide you with everything I know in order to speed up the process of your personal development.  Do you work better in a personal one to one program than this is the offer for you! 

Personal Session


Mapping where you are now and your desires. To route out the best and effective plan for you we're also spending time to find deeply rooted patterns that’s stopping you from aspiring your goals and desires. Visualization & Meditation A different way to spend time with yourself, to recharge your batteries and to create powerful achievements with the help from your deeper wisdom.

Unleash your true power
Get a clear understanding about what is important to you and get powerful tools to start creating from your true power every day.

Be yourself - The Creative Process
A deep shift with good feeling emotions that you will have easy access to when needed through your "Unique Magical Sentence"

White Rabbit Principle
An equation consisting of three questions that will reveal information about what is truly important to you, specifically what’s holding you back and the perfect vehicles to achieve it.

The White Rabbit is the symbol of curiosity and to follow your curiosity into your subconscious, this is why I have named this principle after the White Rabbit.

The commitment plan
This is about your Commitment Plan, in this session there will be time for you to ask questions and get mentoring on your plan.



From this interactive speech you learn the ability to trust yourself by listening and making decisions from your heart. Get to know the difference of making decisions from your mind versus your heart. Tackle what scares you the most first and learn to enjoy failing.

For active people that has too much on their timetable wanting to feel more relaxed with less thinking. It is for people who like an engaging, fun and playful event, and it is great for team building because people will stretch and work with each other outside of their comfort zone but in a safe environment.

This interaction will build a closer and trusting relationship to oneself and makes the workspace between co- workers feel more open where it’s more room everyones sharing and contributing.

Size 10 - 150 people

90 min. I can tailor something specific to the theme of your team building day.

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